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REGIONFEMME Slovak – Austrian Project focused on support of entrepreneurs, support of cross-border cooperation
REGIONFEMME Slovak – Austrian Project focused on support of entrepreneurs, support of cross-border cooperation, to extend women business activities abroad, improving and strengthening of managerial and soft skills of women as well as.

Projects financed from the EFRR and National resourses. The lead partner: Bratislava Regional Chamber of Commerce of SCCI - www.basopk.sk

Target groups: Women entrepreneurs, women starts-up, founders, women managers, owners, directors.

Contacts, networking, new cooperation, exporting activities - bringing together businesswomen from the Vienna and Bratislava by formal and informal meetings, discussions, mutual visits.

Improvement of soft- skills, new practical and useful information for business: Organisation of „tailor-made“ seminars, discussion clubs. Exchange of information, good practises, recommendations, improvement of managerial skills.

Academies for start-up and experienced entrepreneurs:
Academy for start-up founders and Academy for experienced offers courses to start their own business or run their business more effectively. New information, Exchange of information, inspiration, motivation, good practises, mentoring... is what Academies offer.

Networking, new contact, cooperation:
  • Free registration on Regionfemme website, database of Slovak and Austrian women looking for cooperation.
  • Regionfemme website with all events www.regionfemme.eu
  • Regionfemme facebook with all events, photos, comments on http://www.fb.com/regionfemme

    Furthermore, project Regionfemme offers:
  • Advice/consultancies , mentoring for businesswomen from Slovakia
  • Language courses
  • Other tailor- made activities

    REGIONFEMME was one of 14th best projects chosen by the European Commission with the highest impact on entrepreneurship of SME !

    More information and contact:
    Ivana Kondášová
    Project manager
    Bratislava Regional Chamber of Commerce of SCCI
    Email: ivana.kondasova@sopk.sk
    Phone: +421/ 2 /4829 1247

    web: www.regionfemme.eu
    fb: www.fb.com/regionfemme
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